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The Cognitive Analytic approach to relationship difficulties

The cognitive analytic approach (also called Cognitive Analytic Therapy or 'CAT' for short) can support people looking to understand & improve their inter-personal relationships with others. This collaborative approach looks at the way you think, feel and act, where these patterns have come from, and how they might be being maintained in your life and relationships.

Within our team we are lucky to have Dr Lynsey Kelly, Clinical Psychologist, specialising in the Cognitive Analytic approach for adults. Her experience and skills enable us to offer another therapy approach to clients looking for support in their inter-personal relationships.

Dr Lynsey Kelly tells us:

"People seeking therapy often say they know what they want to change but feel frustrated because “I keep making the same mistakes” despite their best efforts. Sometimes they have tried another therapy like CBT which didn’t quite get to the root of the problem.

I like using a CAT informed approach as it helps people understand why they might be experiencing distressing feelings or self-defeating behaviour, which is the first step towards change.

We work together to understand these with reference to their previous and current relationships and consider how society’s expectations may have influenced the ways they’ve had to cope. I value being able to help people make sense of these complicated factors, whilst also keeping a keen focus on the small steps they can take to feel stronger in their relationships, and improve their lives."

For more information check out ACAT's pages explaining the approach and the evidence base behind it:

Dr Lynsey Kelly offers remote sessions on Mondays/Wednesdays. If you would like to book in with her do get in touch with us 07880610449


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