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with Elli KyrouDr Sharanjit Kandola

Rooted in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy is the psychological interpretation of mental and emotional processes, that is bringing the unconscious mind to the conscious. Psychodynamic therapists gain insight into your daily lives and present-day problems by reviewing your emotions, thoughts, beliefs and early experiences. They also evaluate patterns of behaviour that have developed, to  identify negative coping mechanisms or behaviours that have been formed over time to deal with distressing situations. 

Psychodynamic therapy is designed to help a range of psychological problems but has been found particularly effective for anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction and with those struggling to form and maintain personal relationships. It has also been found more beneficial to those that have a willingness to explore themselves and that have a curiosity towards their internal life and behaviours. 

Guided by the principle that the unconscious mind stores deep-rooted feeling and memories that may affect our behaviour, psychodynamic therapists will cater their technique and therapy style to the client. The therapeutic relationship is important in psychodynamic therapy and so your therapist will work to maintain an equal relationship of unconditional acceptance and trust, which should help you feel encouraged to be honest and explore unresolves issues and hidden conflicts. 


Techniques used in psychodynamic therapy include:

Free Association; in which you can talk freely with no structure or linearity to the content you wish to discuss,

Therapeutic Transference; whereby feelings for a particular person are redirected onto the therapist, and

Interpretation; in which the therapist will occasionally interject with thoughts or interpretations of what you are discussing. 

The aim of psychotherapy is to aid you in learning new, positive patterns of behaviour and though processing to encourage personal growth and development to help you overcome limitations caused by your unconscious mind. 

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