Supporting children with acquired brain injury

Every year 70,000 children will be admitted to hospital with an acquired brain injury (ABI). In any school class of 30 children 3 will have a brain injury, making this a very common condition in children. There are many ways that children can acquire a brain injury including in road traffic accidents, falls, playing sport, and significant illnesses such as meningitis or stroke. COMMON SYMPTOMS Common symptoms include impaired social skills, perception, attention, concentration, fatigue, executive functioning (thinking and planning skills), communication and behaviour difficulties. THE CHALLENGES Life and education can be challenging for children with brain injury and their families for many

Recent feedback from Abi's clients

Dr Abi Methley has been doing some fantastic work with young people in Bedford to help them with emotional difficulties. Here is some of the recent feedback their parents: Parents of daughter whom Abi helped with her anxiety difficulties: “Therapy is new to us and we were quite apprehensive about it. However, we had some concerns over our daughter and felt it was a step we had to take. So glad we did as Abi has worked so hard in helping Clare (name changed). She gained a great understanding of Clare and her concerns. Understanding, calm, relaxed, positive, empathetic are all some of the words I would use to described Abi. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend as her help and support to us all has

Trypophobia - the fear of small irregular holes

Often not talked about, trypophobia can be really challenging for those experiencing it. I was recently asked to wrote this article to the BBC Good Food website around our current understanding and strategies for managing the difficulties associated with this issue. If this is an issue for you, our Psychologists may be able to help you manage more effectively using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Do get in touch to discuss further!

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