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Compassion Focused Therapy

after a traumatic event (2017):

"Laura is an astounding psychologist. She made me feel at ease and comfortable. I was able to address and tackle issues that were underlying my presenting anxiety and impacting significantly on my psychological wellbeing. Laura was able to support me with offering practical and effective coping strategies that I can employ at any time to manage my anxiety and mood"

CBT for social anxiety (2017)

"Laura gave me a map to a better life. Completing the ‘homework’ and with Laura’s guidance my social anxiety is now negligible. I’ve started Aikido, which is something I’ve wanted to do for ages, and changed horse riding school to improve my skills. I no longer fear approaching and talking to people, which has removed so much stress from my daily life. My one bit of advice is don’t think about it, just do it. Invest in yourself."


CBT & EMDR for trauma

and chronic pain (2018):

"Laura made me feel comfortable from the outset and instilled confidence in me to ‘run’ with things. I quickly found I could trust her and she led me through a process at my pace that resulted in a fantastic, transformational outcome. Quick to establish trust and placing you at ease, Laura was very perceptive to my needs and challenged and pushed but at the same time she ‘held my hand’, never letting go until I was ready to do so. The impact she had in dealing with my personal challenged was hugely significant!"

Supporting a young person with Autism and anxiety using CBT (2017):

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you from us in respect of the work you have done with (name) over the last 6 weeks. I have seen such a change in him since he's been coming to you - his confidence has grown, and he has been much less anxious and upset by little things.  I feel that I have also learned so much, and feel better equipped to deal with any blips we may have in the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for stress (2019):

“Laura was very attentive and came up with practical solutions to help me.


Highly recommended!”

Compassion Focused Therapy for self-critical thinking (2018):

“Laura gave great clarity and understanding to my needs and provided excellent tools and processes for managing my life.


I would highly recommend Laura”.

Trauma Focused CBT for PTSD, (2016):

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping with such a difficult time. You really have made it easier for me, and helped me to look at things differently”

CBT for travel anxiety after an accident (2016):

“You really took your time to listen to what I said and helped me to find a way through it all. Thank you for helping me on my journey to getting my life back”

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for workplace stress (2021):

"The necessity to conduct our sessions remotely due to Covid restrictions did not detract from their effectiveness. I highly recommend Laura’s personable approach and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as a supporting methodology. 


Laura was very understanding and supportive, offering very practical and though-provoking Acceptance and Commitment Therapy based exercises and solutions to help me understand and better manage stressful workplace issues, and help me identify my personal values leasing to a better work life balance. 

Compassion Focused Therapy (2017):


"I think there’s much I would advise someone that’s fairly generic to any form of psychotherapy; you can’t be passive, you have to work at it and you have to be honest with yourself, while simultaneously being caring and forgiving of yourself.

Specific to Laura I think that for me having seen other people in the past, the distinct difference was seeing someone who was more professional, obviously more knowledgeable and more “clinical” than normal therapists. I knew there was no risk of any of her approaches being “new age” and that her methods were proven and evidence based. I felt that I was being treated with complete professionalism compared to times in the past where I felt a slight Guinea Pig in other therapists personal passions and quests. Such professionalism and experience do however come at a higher price than “normal” psychotherapists therefore I would reiterate that you want to be sure you’re making a good shot at it to gain the maximum benefit from that investment.

I felt that I gained more than I thought I would, in a shorter space of time than I expected. That in of itself should be a testament to the service received."

"A positive experience. Laura helped me to understand and gain confidence in the process easily and facilitated the processing of the accident.


Laura was very empathetic, easy to relate to and to trust."

"I found the whole experience helpful, relaxing and good to take time out for an hour. It was a relaxing environment and Laura was very welcoming. A positive exercise - I would advise people to try it and talk!"


EMDR for PTSD (2018)

"Approach everything with an open mind! Starting with a smaller trauma built my confidence that EMDR works, and I could get to know the effect on me and see the memory processed and finished. You can't overestimate how tiring EMDR can be... but the nightmares stopped, my mood lifted, it helped me to come to terms with what happened to me, particularly feelings of shame and guilt that we were able to address together." 

Compassion Focused Therapy for relationship difficulties (2018)

"I have tried lots of difference therapies/therapists in the past and you came along at the right time for me. I liked your approach, appreciated how relaxed you were making suggestions but not pushing me. It was easy to share with you and open up about my feelings. I am very grateful for the difference you have made."

EMDR for past traumas (2019)


Laura listen thoroughly to everything. She remembers a lot of details about you and makes it seem personal. There is no judgement whatsoever. She asks what you want to do so sessions are specific to recovery for the individual. 

EMDR for bereavement (2019)

Having suffered for a long time trying to deal with the trauma in my life I looked for some professional help. EMDR was offered and I am truly amazed at how fantastic this technique really is. With the support of Dr Keyes EMDR has helped me get my life back on track and reprocess the trauma I have gone through. I cannot recommend this type of treatment enough. 

EMDR for past traumas (2019)

I cannot recommend Laura highly enough. She completely guided me through my therapy journey with patience, understanding, sensitivity, practical advice and perspective.  I felt safe. My sessions were very much tailored to me and as such helped speed my recovery.  My time with Laura has helped me in so many ways - she has enabled me to understand myself, accept myself and take control of my life in the most positive of ways. 

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Therapy with a teenager with low mood and anxiety (2018)

"As a teenager I would say that I felt very relaxed and able to open up during my sessions from the beginning. I had no worries about confidentiality or things being discussed with my parents. I found every single session very helpful, i now have strategies i can use whenever needed. Although I am no longer having therapy i would go back if I ever felt I needed to and my parents would be happy with that."

ACT for anxiety with a person with Autism (2019)

“I felt that I was really being listened to, and that the sessions were productive and goal orented. Laura was easy to talk to and friendly. She had a helpful understanding of Asperger’s/related issues.”

EMDR after a traumatic event (2017):

Mindfulness and relaxation for stress management (2017):

Trauma Focused CBT (2017):

"What would I say to anyone considering going to Laura for help: Firstly, please forget any preconceived ideas about a clinical setting of you and a doctor in a cold room discussing problems. Laura offers a setting of small nicely decorated furnished rooms with comfy chairs and water to hand. You don’t feel pressurised into talking about anything, it’s more like you are sitting chatting to a friend who offers ideas of ways to help. You can chat about anything and nothing you say makes you feel `silly’ or `stupid’ – Laura manages to tie logic to all you say which helps decipher just what you’re going through.

Laura helped me to realise that the problems I thought were enormous and without hope, were indeed smaller than I perceived, quite normal for what I had been through and managed to turn my thoughts to more positive ones enabling me to look forward rather than being ‘stuck’ in what I felt was a huge `black hole’. I can now manage the `off days’ that do sometimes happen (to us all!) and am looking forward to the future with a smile on my face – something that 3 months ago I would never have believed!


I would say to anyone to give it a try - approach it with openness and a willingness to learn / practice whatever it takes to turn your negativity into positivity – it’s not difficult and you’ll amaze yourself!

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