Recovering from Trauma:

Dr Keyes personal area of specialist interest is helping people recover from historical and more recent traumatic events (including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). She uses Eye Movement Densensitisation & Processing (EMDR) and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach, as well as Compassion Focused approaches when needed to help people recover from both one off traumas and longer term/repeated traumas. Also help with recurrent nightmares and insomnia is available. Dr Edwards is also trained in EMDR and uses this as part of her work with people who have experienced historical and/or recent trauma. 

Also available: Critical Incident debriefing for students, staff, managers and employees following on from traumatic events experienced or witnessed. Dr Keyes and Associates can provide (in group or individual format) psychoeducation about responses to trauma, assess coping, and support those who are struggling psychologically with the impact of trauma. This is provided on-site at the place of study/work. For more information/quotation please get in touch.


Anxiety related-difficulties:

Dr Keyes and Associates all have a special interest is working with people who struggle with anxiety (such as generalised anxiety, social anxiety, OCD, and specific phobias). They work using ACT or CBT to help people learn to better manage feeings of anxiety, to challenge their ways of thinking, and to tackle avoidance of feared situations.

Autism, ADHD & Learning Difficulties: 

Dr Keyes and Associates are trained and experienced in assessing/diagnosing Autism, ADHD and learning difficulties. Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD assessments are also provided as needed for children and adults, carried out in a team.

They also work therapeutically with people who have mental health difficulties alongside these including:

- relationship difficulties

- education/work problems

- self-confidence and self-image

- partner, family and social relationships

- free time/hobbies


Further listings and information about therapy services is available in the following directories:

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