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Welcome to Fardis, our team Assistant Psychologist!

We are very excited to have Fardis Salamat-Zadeh working with us weekly as our team Assistant Psychologist. Fardis worked with us over the summer completing some work experience - her work has been so invaluable that Fardis will be continuing with us, but now in an official capacity as our team's first Assistant Psychologist!

Fardis is in the third year of her undergraduate degree, studying Psychology at the University of York. She is pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology, having experience as an active listening volunteer, a research assistant, and working 1:1 with children with ADHD.

Her role as Assistant Psychologist with us involves scoring client questionnaires, creating social media content, and writing young people's short summary reports for ADHD & Autism assessments.

We hope Fardis continues to enjoy working with us!


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