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Want to stop smoking this winter??

By Carlo Battiata, work experience student with Dr Laura Keyes & Associates Ltd

Stopping smoking is not easy. It can will be a bumpy road! But it is important is to never give up, because sooner or later, you will succeed. Some individuals may give up “cold turkey” and others prefer to slowly cut down the amount of nicotine they intake, especially long-term smokers. Try both methods, to see what suits you!

Here are a few tips to get you started!

  • Plan how long you approximately think it may take you to decrease your intake

  • Start by reducing the amount of cigarettes intake every day, by a small amount

  • Review weekly to see what has worked for you ( be realistic)

  • If you slip up, do not worry, just keep going

  • Replace the cigarettes with something to do, preferably an easy task (5 min walk, listen to songs, read an article, book page, chat with someone)

  • It is important to fill-in your time with healthier tasks

If the above may seem too complicated, speak to your GP or Local pharmacy, as they are able to redirect you, perhaps by using nicotine patches, chewing gums or sprays. The NHS provide a free app “NHS quit smoking”, which helps you plan your days, and gives you daily suggestions.


Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr

NHS app "NHS quit smoking"

If you would like support from one of our team around building alternatives to coping with stress/anxiety with smoking, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy can be a great therapy too.

With ACT you learn important skills in surfing urges (such as the urge to smoke!) and handling difficulties feelings so you can do what matters to you (quit smoking for good!)

Contact us for a first session at 07880610449


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