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Glowing testimonials for our team!

We always love hearing from our clients about what they have found helpful in therapy. Here are some recent feedbacks for some of our team to give you a flavour of the feedback our clients kindly take the time to give us...

For Marie Allman, working with a young person using CBT for anxiety and OCD

"I found sessions very, very useful in terms of working on improving my way of thinking and having someone to talk to and understand how I’m feeling.

I think that these sessions are very useful if you are someone who is prepared to attempt to do things they find difficult at first, to benefit them in the long term.

I would be very likely to recommend Marie!"

For Dr Abi Methley, working with an adult using ACT for adjusting to life after a traumatic event:

"The sessions with Abi were very helpful. I think the ACT

approach has been incredibly useful, thank you!"

For Dr Abi Methley, from the parents of a teenager she supported:

"Dr Abi Methley was excellent with our son. We are so grateful to her. She is excellent. We have our son back, the same lad we had back in Fe

bruary/March before he started having a few problems. Abi was a really good fit and your web site helped us identify her as a possible support for our son as soon as we read her profile. Abi included two sessions for us as parents where she made us feel like we didn’t have such a major issue on our hands as we had thought, with a problem that really was starting to go beyond our ability to cope with or manage as parents and that could have easily spiralled completely out of control for our son. We had confidence in Abi from the start that she was going to be able to help our son firstly and ultimately help us all as a family. We are so grateful for the help and support we received from Abi. For us and most importantly for our son I really cannot see how the process could be improved upon. We are very pleased to have found Dr Laura Keyes and to have had the time of Dr Abi Methley. As a family and on behalf of our son we will always be extremely grateful to you both. Thank you."

For Dr Eleanor Gunn, using compassion focused therapy and CBT:

"I really benefited from my sessions with Eleanor and have learnt a lot about myself and how to manage situations better and be open to my own feelings more. I am looking forward to working with Eleanor again when she returns from maternity leave

After decades of counselling I am so glad I invested in seeing a psychologist who has made a huge difference to helping me understand how my brain works and to become more in touch with myself."

We ask for feedback throughout therapy and as therapy sessions end. We really value the time our clients take to feedback to us, and with any suggestions about we can make the way we work even better.


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