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Recent feedback from Abi's clients

Dr Abi Methley has been doing some fantastic work with young people in Bedford to help them with emotional difficulties. Here is some of the recent feedback their parents:

Parents of daughter whom Abi helped with her anxiety difficulties:

“Therapy is new to us and we were quite apprehensive about it. However, we had some concerns over our daughter and felt it was a step we had to take. So glad we did as Abi has worked so hard in helping Clare (name changed). She gained a great understanding of Clare and her concerns. Understanding, calm, relaxed, positive, empathetic are all some of the words I would use to described Abi. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend as her help and support to us all has been invaluable.”

Parents of son whom Abi supported with managing emotions):

"The change that Abi has made to my son’s happiness is amazing. He is able to think things through and act accordingly even when he is in a temper and not get into trouble. He much more open and loving to his family and in general more contented with who he is. Abi help make his transition into a new school very smooth and due to him being happier he is now performing to a very high educational standard at school. I am pleased to say that he is now in his ‘happy place’. Thank you Abi!"

Abi works with us on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, seeing young people and adults with a range of emotional and neurodevelopment difficulties.

Abi has recently started a new role with Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in a Community Mental Health Team supporting older adults, which she is really enjoying.

What Abi enjoys about her work:

"I really enjoy supporting young people and their families to piece together why they are experiencing difficulties currently and using a creative approach to find solutions which work for all the family. It is a great feeling to see the improvements and achievements young people make in therapy and to support them in achieving their goals. Every young person is totally unique so it is very varied and rewarding work!"

Abi's interests outside of work:

"I enjoy spending time with family and friends and going to the cinema."

If you would like to talk about working with Abi please do get in touch with us on 07880610449 or email

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