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Welcome to Freena, our newest Associate!

We are so pleased to have Freena Tailor join our team!

Freena is a Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology.

She has recently joined our team as we expand our network beyond Clinical Psychologists, to provide specialist work in supporting children, young people (up to age 21) and their families.

Freena has a clinical MSc in Applied Psychology for Children and Young People, and 10 years experience working with children and their families.

Freena carryies out clinical assessments and treatments for children, adolescents and families in relation to a range of highly complex emotional, psychological and behavioural difficulties.

Freena is also qualified as an Executive Function Coach, which supports the development and strengthening of Executive Function Skills for neuro-diverse (ADHD & Autistic) children, adolescents and adults.

Welcome to Freena! To book E: T: 07880610449


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