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Children's Mental Health Week 2021

To mark Children’s mental health week we thought about ways to help children with their emotional development and learning about the world. These films are a great watch with little ones to snuggle up and watch together…


UP deals in a sensitive way with loss, not being ready to move on and the journey to to find a new purpose. A beautiful film for children and adults alike!


This film managed to teach children about the environment. human behaviour and shows how WALL-E wants to make a connection to others.


This film is wonderful to show children that love and understanding are found within the family, encouraging children to speak openly with the people closest to them


Help children learn to embrace their feelings with this very clever film. Helps children learn more about complex emotions such as disgust and anger.


Such a beautiful film, Nemo shows our children that it is ok to be different, everybody has their own important role to play and can add value to all situations


Dumbo teaches children that although he is different it isn’t acceptable to be laughed at or called names, we can accept and care for each other just the way we are.


Working together with friends and family teaches children the benefits of being a team, how much more can be achieved and the positive feeling of teamwork.

If you didnt see it there was lovely video message about the importance of children's and parents wellbeing from The Duchess of Cambridge to support Children's Mental Health Week as a patron of Place2Be

We so enjoy working with families to provide therapeutic support (as well as specialist assessments for Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). If you think we may be able to support you and your child do get in touch with us. T: 07880610449 E: or fill out out Contact Form on the website.


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